Riding a motorcycle can be extreme and a strong and high quality helmet visor is needed to be safe. Most people just use cleaners that are available at home just as long as it can wipe out unnecessary dirt smudged into the armor. Finding the right kind of motorcycle visor cleaner is easy since it is readily available in the supermarkets.

For starters, before choosing the cleaner you must decide whether it is possible to the whole laborious process alone or if professional help is needed. The car washing industry also offers the same work with less hassle all you have to do is pay. Either way, always make sure that the screen is cleaned at least once a week.

Looks can be very deceiving. It is not an easy task to do as how it looks on the television. The method includes undressing the small parts of the helmet and producing the perfect materials for cleaning. Do not use old materials found in the garage especially if it is dirty because this will defeat the purpose of washing the gear. The visor serves as a protective gear during the ride so it is best to clean the most important safety device.

Leaping to the next laborious step is the collecting and gathering of needed supplies. The market now offers two in one packs that are inclusive of both the non invasive sponge and the helmet disinfectant. If this is already available for you then do not worry because the remaining supplies are available in your house. Be sure that the free sponge is safe to the screen.

Secure an old toothbrush and some buds which will be helpful in cleaning. Lay out your equipment and choose a clean work place to start working. The sunlight would be a great help to dry up the armor after disinfecting. Gather the materials in a firm table or kitchen side to keep the materials within reach.

For the preparation, first things first. You have to wash your hands and make sure that you either use the free sponge in the package or something similar to it which is less abrasive. Check if the cloth is clean because this may damage the paint in your helmet. Take pictures of how the helmet looks before you tinker with the insides.

After you are done, strip down the parts of the helmet. Unscrew and bare out the essentials but be sure to put it in the proper order of how they need to be put back in. Remove the pads and linings and soak them in warm water with the cleaner or you can have the option to use another type of cleaning material.

Clean the visor with the free non invasive sponge in the package or with a soft cloth. Use your fingers to travel around the glass looking for any signs of dirt and remove it if you can. Once this is dry, coat it with a spray that prevents fogging. Use the old brush to clean the unreachable spaces and shine the shell with a clean soft cloth.

Wax it with grease and attach the parts by checking if it is in the right order with how the photos show before you dismantled it. Fasten and screw the parts and slick the whole shield with a coat of polish. Do not waste what is left of the motorcycle visor cleaner.

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