Finishing law school is a major accomplishment. Many students drop out or fail to obtain their JD. For those who earn their degree, however, there is still another step before they can become a lawyer: they must pass the bar. A California bar exam tutor might be just what you need if you are preparing to write the test in California.

The State Bar of California administers the test. The test is designed to ensure that prospective lawyers possess the necessary skills to practice law in the State of California, proving that they know and understand the law and the rules of court. Many people write it, but not everybody passes it.

You can register for the test on the State Bar’s internet site, which shows upcoming testing dates. The site also includes additional information for test-takers, including sample practice exams that show you what kinds of questions are asked. You can use these samples by treating them as if you were actually writing the exam, which helps you prepare for the formal examination.

The web site includes a statistical analysis of the results of people who have previously taken the test. On average, only about half of people who take the test for first time actually pass the test. It is difficult – receiving a passing grade is achieved by a rather small percentage of the total test takers.

On the site, you can also see a breakdown of the type of school the test-takers attended. Examples include accredited academic institutions in California, similar schools in a different state, or even law schools in foreign countries. One thing is clear from the posted results. The kind of schooling a person received doesn’t assure success at passing the bar.

Hiring a tutor is one sure way to improve your odds. With their assistance, you will learn how the procedure unfolds, and what you must do to achieve a passing grade. You will gain help in finding out what areas you need to spend extra time studying and which areas you already know well enough that you don’t need to waste your energy reviewing.

If you have taken the test in the past and were unsuccessful, a tutor can be especially helpful by showing you where you went wrong. While you won’t have access to your specific answers on the test you took, you will remember the gist of what the questions were and how you answered them. With the help of a good tutor, he or she can work with you to identify the deficiencies in your knowledge.

The assistance you can get can be absolutely invaluable whether you’re taking the test for the first time, the second time, or even the fifth. The cost is actually quite small when you compare it against what you could be earning as a practicing lawyer by passing the bar exam the first time around. Hiring a California bar exam tutor could easily be the best investment you make in your legal career.

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