The intention of the Barwinners is to prepare students to take their bar exams. Some of the areas covered include the following. The first one is tort. Tort may be defined as a wrongful act which causes one to suffer injuries and may lead to legal liability.

The complainant must prove that the offender is compelled by law not to do whatever they did to the complainant. The other thing is that the complainant must prove that offender breached the law and lastly that the complaint and suffered some injuries as a result of the action or conduct by the offender. If the complainant is bale to establish the existence of these issues, then the offender will be held to have committed a tort.

The other are is on contract law. Contract may be defined as an agreement between two people or two entities to undertake some duties with specific terms. One party undertakes to perform some duty while the other party undertakes to give the other one some value for having undertaken such duties.

Some of the elements consider under the contract law includes the following. The first one is that there has to be an offer made by one party which is accepted by the other entity or party. The other one is that there has to be a consideration.

There has to be consideration. The people who intends to contract must also have the legal capacity to do so. Thy must be of the age group of majority as provided by the law. All the parties must also be ready to be bound by the terms of the agreement. Each party must ensure that they perform all the duties as provided in the agreement.

The other subject is on criminal law. Criminal law is a group of laws which prohibits certain conducts which are harmful to others. In criminal law, there has to intention to do that conduct. The intention is what is used to consider whether a conviction can be secured or not.

Other than the criminal law, the area of evidence law is also covered. Evidence law may be described as the rules and regulations that govern the way facts are proved in a regal proceeding. These rules include the legal principles used to determine which evidence can be adduced in court and the one which cannot be adduced. They also guide on the evidence which is admissible as well as those that are not admissible in court of law.

Constitutional law is also another topic worth consideration. Constitution is the major law that a country has. All the other laws enacted by the parliament must be in line with the constitutional provision. If there is any law which is inconsistent with the constitution, that particular will be renders as void and the constitution shall prevail. All these demonstrate the supremacy of the constitution. The constitution also ensures that the powers of the arms of government are clearly separated. These topics are sufficiently handled at the Barwinners.

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