Many car owners know that parking is highly necessary and fundamental. It is, therefore, essential to have the right plan for these spaces. These buildings can be constructed for a number of reasons; they can be commercial or residential. Their blueprint will depend on the purpose which they were intended for. There are many important factors that investors need to consider when choosing parking garage design.

There are significant functional requirements that the owner needs to put into consideration. The space may be designed in a way that it can cater for spatial needs of car owners. Facilities should be built to suit the needs of the owner. Theses considerations should not only cover current needs but must be ready to accommodate future trends.

Furthermore, a reliable plan should have a strategic position for the entrance and exit of motor vehicle s. The main entrance should be positioned where it can easily be accessible. This means that, the designer should consider the flow of traffic before deciding on the position of the entrance and exits. This aspect is vital when constructing commercial vehicle space.

The structural features of those facilities are a highly important consideration in order to improve their functionality. They should be created in a way that they can endure the changing weather. Having the right size and length are factors that determine their strength. The facilities floor is recommended to be safe for pedestrians and drivers.

Depending on where this facility is located it should be able to cover needs of cold weather. If it is located in an area that snows a lot; the facility shall be designed with snow chutes. The drainage system must be well built to prevent clogging of water. The slope of the floor should be to accommodate the needs of the users.

A very important factor to consider in a layout is the security position. The plan must have security devices mounted to monitor the interior and the vicinity. Furthermore, the structure should be designed in a manner that there is enough ventilation to release carbon monoxide emission from the vehicles. Emergency exits must be allocated to take care of future emergencies.

These facilities should also be correctly marked with the right signs as required by the laws of traffic. When they are for commercial use they should have numbering to enable users easily locate their spaces. The floor may be coded and be marked clearly with signs to make movement easy.

The most important determiner of a parking garage design is the user. Different users have different needs hence these facilities can be constructed differently. Interested investors should consult professionals before they embark on such a project. These spaces can also be designed to cater for more than one purpose. Therefore depending on the requirements of a client they can be constructed to fit for different needs.

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