An individual that has been authorized by the local government or by the state to witness signatures officially on certain legal documents is known as a notary Phoenix AZ. Another term that they are referred to as public notary. Other duties include administering oaths and having to collect sworn statements.

This person is known to make use of an embossing tool so that his or her presence can be verified. This is most appropriate at a specific time, such as when the documents were being signed. Majority of states tend to issue an identifying number that is unique to every notarized individual so the fraudulent usage of the embosser can be prevented.

A public figure, like attorneys, can be easily granted the status of public notary. To be applicable for such a position, take note that no legal training is required. The individual who is in this position or is in charge will spend much time on the observation of routine signatures because some documents require notarization to be recognized in court.

A significant amount of time is often devoted to the act of verifying the names of those within the parties. This is due to the great importance of identities. Those parties have the responsibility of providing an official identification so that the process of certifying the signatures can go smoothly.

It is proper for a nominal fee to be charged in exchange for these services. The fee must not be excessive, however. There are some firms or government office that is in need of someone to fill this position in a full time capacity, but licensed notaries commonly known to offer various services in addition.

For example, take a look at the owner of a local convenience store. This person may be a certified individual, meaning anyone with the same status can legally offer notary services. There may be a sign on the store that will inform the public of this information. This shows that it can be part time or full time, depending on the circumstances.

There are a few misconceptions about the job, such as the embossing stamp can automatically make the document legal. It should be worth noting that these people are not capable of dispensing legal advice unless that person is also an attorney. All that can be done is witness a signing before asking the parties for a sworn oath of authenticity.

As far as the documents are concerned, it is still possible for it to be declared as a forgery or even unenforceable much later on during court proceedings. What can be done is the attesting of the signatories identities. Another is their affirmations of the authenticity during the notarization.

The notarization process as performed by notary Phoenix AZ officials may differ from state to state. There are some that allow individuals over the age of eighteen a chance to apply even with only one day of residency and there are others that request proctored tests to be taken by applicants. There are several national organizations that oversee the profession, but participation is optional within these groups.

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