[I:http://advertising-blog.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/CrystalMaloney7.jpg]Toyotas tend to hold their value well, which means they are both worth more and more expensive to buy as pre-owned vehicles. They tend to have long, relatively trouble-free lifespans, which is what makes buying a used Toyota a good deal. But it is still important to think carefully about your choice.

The reason that Toyotas tend to be more expensive when they are older is because they tend to have longer running lives. While another brand might need more repairs than it is worth after ten years, many Toyotas run into their late teens and twenties. Keep this in mind when comparing pricing between brands.

People usually purchase pre-owned vehicles from one of two sources – a dealer and other private parties. Dealers sell two types of cars – those they have taken in as trade that are generally sold as-is, and those that have been factory certified, repaired as necessary, and come with a new warranty.

The most expensive option is also the least likely to come back and bite you. Pre-owned, certified cars sold by dealerships have been given a once-over and any necessary repairs by qualified technicians before sale, and some with a warranty. Private-party cars are the cheapest but riskiest option, as you are counting on the seller being an honest person. Most are, but a few aren’t.

Getting a car from a private party means taking it as-is. This doesn’t mean that you have to shell out good money for a vehicle that doesn’t work right when you first buy it, however. Get a trusted mechanic to look it over for you before you buy it. A seller who doesn’t agree to this (on your dime, of course) is probably hiding something.

Being smart when purchasing a used Toyota means you are more likely to be happy with your purchase. Although a little more expensive initially, you will usually get a lot more time and miles out of these cars than other pre-owned options. Most people who choose Toyotas are very happy with their choice.

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