So many cars can be seen today. All those cars travel on tires. There are a wide variety of sizes and types of tires available. Some tires are for trucks while others are for smaller vehicles. After a certain time the tires wear out. When that happens you have some decisions to make. You need to do something with it. In the tire outlets if you go there for buying new tires they generally take those tires off. Sometimes the tires are discarded. Other times, they determine if there is tread life on them and put them up for sale to people who are just looking for a spare.

When a tire is recycled what actually happens?

Tires can be one of the largest sources of waste. Most of the states are dotted by large tire firms. These comprises of thousands of tires. These tires are of little use. They can be turned into ?crumb?. It is generally used as filler.

Used tires generally take a lot of space and so is not preferred by landfills. In addition, they can trap large amounts of methane gas, a result of decomposing waste material. They then become buoyant and rise to the surface. Most landfills have liners that keep the contents from damaging the groundwater in the area. Tires tend to spoil the process.

Now, enterprising companies are starting to find more uses for these tires or the product of them. Ground up tires can also be used as fillers. They can also use this byproduct as a cap on landfills. The convenience of this is that the tires can be shredded onsite instead of being hauling in other filler materials.

Tires are also used in hot melt asphalt. It is also used in replacement asphalt. Those crumbs are also used in certain kinds of concrete as a filler. Old tires are also used in home and gardens. They are used to make flowerbeds. They use the grindings as mulch in gardens.

The process of Pyrolysis is used to turn old tires in the fuel gas. Devulcanization is a process that uses old tires into crumb. Devulcanization is the method commonly used for turning old tires into crumb. Material can also be used for making new tires. That means a reduction in raw material costs.

In this process the tires are heated in a huge vessel in an oxygen free environment. The rubber breaks down into smaller molecules when soft. These smaller molecules vaporize leave the reactor. The vapors can be used as a power source by burning them.

Most of the companies use this process. This is good for the environment and good for companies wanting a good source of this type of fuel.

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