There are an amazing number of broken down, wrecked or disused automobiles around. Many people simply do not bother to do something with the wreck or hulk and simply leave them in their yards or even on the street. The truth is that this practice is not only illegal but it results in environmental pollution. When in need of cash for cars Indianapolis second hand dealers are always eager to pay.

Almost nothing in this world is completely without value and the same holds true for old or broken vehicles. Most wrecks still have some parts and components that are in perfect working order. There is a very big market for second hand vehicle parts. Some people buy them to save money and others need to repair vehicles for which parts are no longer readily available.

Many dealers are reluctant to buy the entire vehicle. This is because they will have to strip the automobile for useful parts themselves and this takes time and money. It is for this reason that they will offer much lower prices if they are expected to accept the entire vehicle. However, some people simply want to get rid of an unwanted vehicle and they do not care that they will get a lower price.

If the vehicle is in running condition, even poor running condition, much better offers can be expected. This is even more the case if the automobile is registered and in possession of a road worthy certificate. It may therefore be a smart move to spend a little bit of money to make sure that the vehicle can run.

It is important to remember that only the legal owner of a vehicle is allowed to dispose of it. Buyers must make sure that the seller presents them with proof of ownership before making an offer. Sellers would be well advised to keep all documents handy and to make sure that copies for the buyer are available. Failure to comply with the law may result in fines and even prosecution.

Sellers have many avenues to advertise their unwanted vehicles. Private buyers will generally be prepared to pay more. Many internet sites and local community newspapers offer free advertising space. Many potential sellers are not sure what the value of their automobiles is. Scrutinizing adverts for similar vehicles may help them to determine a realistic price. When selling to a dealer, it may be best to get offers from several before making a decision.

Abandoned automobiles are seen everywhere. It is illegal to dump a vehicle in public space and owners may be faced with fines and the towing fees if the authorities decide to act. Abandoned vehicles can pose a health threat and they are unsightly. Owners have a moral responsibility to dispose of such automobiles in a responsible manner. Better yet, why not earn some money in the process.

To get cash for cars Indianapolis residents have a wide choice of dealers that are eager to buy such vehicles. There are also many private citizens that are looking for second hand parts and components in good condition. Even total wrecks have some value and there is the fact that owners remain legally responsible for such vehicles until it is sold.

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