Fascinatingly enough, the legal system in Singapore is incredibly similar to the structure being used in the UK. Of course, this has a lot to do with the fact that Singapore was a British colony for a substantial length of time. On the upside, Singapore people can at least enjoy a sense of security in knowing that the country is not moving in the same direction as its neighbors.

As is to be expected, several aspects of the Singaporean legal system have been adjusted somewhat over the years. Even so, a large percentage of it is much the same to this day. One part of the Singaporean system that does differ to that of Britain, would be the fact sentences could be a lot harsher in Singapore, at least in the case of criminal convictions.

In a nutshell, Singapore courts will typically hand down the same sentencing as their European friends. Essentially speaking, you are going to receive a fair hearing, but on the flip side, if you neglect to make use of an experienced lawyer, you could very well wind up with the short end of the stick.

Just like in other nations, you have no shortage of cheap divorce lawyers in Singapore. In fact, when it comes to divorce lawyers Singapore clearly has its fair share. While this could be a good thing, because let’s be perfectly frank, competitiveness helps to keep prices down, it can also result in you finding yourself with a lawyer that is short of hands on experience within this field. Unfortunately, a lot of law firms in Singapore are representing themselves as being lawyers for divorce, despite the fact that they rarely take on such cases.

Fortunately, there are a few obvious signs which can serve to alert you if this is the case. The top one being, a reluctance to look at out-of-court settlements. A decent divorce lawyer will always attempt to spare their clientele the hassle that accompanies court cases. Naturally, one can’t always evade a court case, but most often, a divorce can be resolved without ever appearing in court.

Of course if both parties choose a reputable lawyer, the likelyhood of actually appearing in court are reduced a great deal more. With that having been said, it should also be stated that the presence of young children and/or a large amount of wealth can very often mean court cases are inevitable. The only to real way to be sure what your best options are, is for you to consult with a good divorce lawyer.

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