Are traffic exchanges a waste of time?

Yes, in general traffic exchanges are a waste of time especially if you want to make money online fast. Why are they a waste of time I think deep down every single person reading this post knows the answer to that question. The reason is because majority if not all of the people at traffic exchanges are there for the same reason you are. There is really only two common ways to profit from traffic exchanges one way is to promote what everyone else is promoting the other way is to be original and/or creative. If you as an individual do something creative it will force people at traffic exchanges whom are usually bored out of their minds to see what you have to offer.

What do you mean by being creative?

What I mean is do the unexpected or the audacious, be yourself but yourself or your idea out there do something that you know will get a reaction that’s how the pro’s profit at traffic exchanges. You must stand out or a find a way to stand out don’t over think just find a way to stand out there is not one way to do this be unique and the results will come they have too.

Join traffic exchanges that have a lot of members

I’ve tried all the traffic exchanges and trust me if I we’re you I would stick to the top two they’re the top two for a reason yes some of the other traffic exchanges can make you some money if you promote them but who wants to do that? Spend hours, days, years promoting a traffic exchange that might earn you a few bucks if you bring them a premium member or two? It’s not worth it in my opinion below are my top 2 traffic exchanges for the record I’m not a premium member with either one of them. Also I should point out I have listed from from best to second best.

  1. EasyHits4U
  2. Traffic Swarm