Is a Scam?

I’m annoyed by spam and the one thing I hate more than spam are scammers. claims to currently have over 200,000 members I doubt this is true it might be true at the time you’re reading this email but the way they’re getting these members is by using deceptive tactics which tells me that might not be around for too long. Personally I don’t like joining new dating sites because they ask dating sites in general ask for a lot of private information and before I give out my personal information I have to trust the company first. Being that is sending spam email to me I don’t think they’re worth trusting.

Some more reasons I will not join

I won’t call a scam but I think they should stop sending out spam emails and advertise their brand the right way, the honest way. One other thing I want to point out is that I don’t think the profiles currently on are real I’ve seen many of the pictures on stock photo sites all over the internet. Again based on how presented itself to me I don’t think they’re worth trusting.

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Personally I think s the best online dating site