Is a scam? is puzzling to most of us it doesn’t appear to be a scam however finding any legit testimonials or reviews seems to be impossible. Currently I don’t see any celebrities endorsing them and most people reading this have never heard of the ultra celeb diet until now. My personal review is to avoid the good news is at least they have a toll free number but I advise anyone reading this to call their toll free number prior to purchasing because based on my experience it didn’t give them more credibility. I won’t call a scam but I don’t recommend it

If you’re looking for a legitimate weight loss supplement you will want to consider checking out the Doctor and Herbalist endorsed Pro Shape Rx. which doesn’t need to name itself after celebrities because it’s been proven to work. Pro Shape Rx might not work for everyone but at least I know it’s legit different weight loss products will have different effects on different people which is why I recommend trying trusted brands I don’t trust Ultra celeb diet.

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