Progressive countries may enjoy more benefits than the poorer countries but they do have to deal with immigration problems. Because of their reputation, many people cross borders and try to make a better life for themselves. If they enter the country without the proper papers, they can be easily deported when found. Countries like the United States however have introduced the concept of deferred action.

Usually, when someone did not undergo the immigration process, then he will have to be deported. This new rule more or less is something that applies to individuals who entered the country when they have not yet reached a certain age. This is used as a guideline to determine if deportation proceedings should commence or not.

One criterion has to do with the current age of the applicant. He needs to be young enough when he reached the country. There are also educational requirements or he may have served in the military. The applicant should also not have any run ins with the laws as these can be construed as a safety risk.

When the individual is approved, he will be allowed to stay in the country for a specific number of years. It is important to understand that the individual is not yet considered to be a citizen. His status for immigration will not change although the approval does extend his stay. The good think about it is he can get a permit to work if he should have the need to do so.

The application process is not an easy one. You will have to prepare the files that have to be submitted. The application will be reviewed by the government personnel. Once approved, the immigrant can look forward to a longer stay. When the period is over, he can choose to hand in another application.

There have been mixed reactions towards this new rule. Some of the undocumented immigrants are hesitant to reveal their status as this has some legal implications. Some are worried that the application will only hasten the process of deportation. If approved, you can have a permit to work. You do have fees to pay and documentation to prepare for the application.

There is a benefit to delaying the deportation of these individuals and allowing them to work. It gives the country a larger work force which can mean an increase in generated revenues. When these people are allowed to work, they will have more money to spend. This can impact the economy in a positive way.

The government will basically have the right to approve or reject the application. Meeting the criteria though is not an assurance that you will immediately get approved. Before becoming an applicant, it is therefore advisable to think of the implications first. It will do you no harm to consult an attorney to ensure that you understand what will happen.

Deferred action offers a chance for undocumented individuals to get a reprieve from removal proceedings. If approved, the individual can even get authorization to finally be able to work. The process will mean having to work certain criteria, passing supporting documentation, and paying the processing fees.

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