Is a SCAM?

Spammers, marketers, and website owners are starting to do things in clever way for example if you to as of October 2014 their home webpage has nothing there, however if you landed on one of the webpages like the one currently located at  or agressively rying to get you to download or sign up for it’s software. Currently if you go to that page if you try to leave you’ll get a webpage that states


security Error Detected, Due to suspicious Activity found on your computer.
Pleas Contact Microsoft Certified Live Technicians For Help

1 (855) 482 2632

A virus is detected

The more you try to leave the more that message or a similar message pops up on your screen, also if you have the volume on theres a message trying to convince you that you have a virus on your computer. Based on my review is not legit it’s a scam. Also if you contact 1-855-482-2632 you’re not contacting MICROSOFT you’re contacting a supposed “Microsoft Certified Live Technician” If want to learn more about that scam go to the microsoft website directly by going here:

This scam is all over the internet and it’s been around for quite some time the only difference now is prior scammers or affiliates of that scam used telemarketing as their primary means of promotion where as now websites like are being created to scare people into signing up. Any reviews claiming for that this 1-855-482-2632 /  promotion is legit should be thouroughly questioned for its legitimacy

Please leave your comments below. If you’re looking for legitimate free anti virus software go to:

CNET and type antivirus free download