Planning to sell your used car? No idea where to start? This article can help you with the basics to make it less of a burden.

No one wants to buy a second hand car at a low price only to spend more on its repair. Fix everything, particularly those problems that are really inexpensive. In case you have a pretty expensive repair done before selling the car, you can always add your repair expenses to the selling price. A car that is in good working condition always fetches a good price.

Take advantage of free advertising in online auction sites and car magazines, regardless of your membership status. Describe the vehicle to the best of your abilities including the make and model, a photograph, the selling price, and your contact number.

Really in a hurry to sell your car? Don’t think of selling it at a price far lower than what you really want. Have a bottom-line price that is significantly lower than the original asking price. This way you can reduce the price to satisfy the buyer’s request but still be able to profit from the sale.

Be honest with your potential buyer. Don’t be afraid to inform the buyer of your real reason for selling the car, for example you wish to buy a bigger car or you cannot afford the monthly expenses associated with the car. When asked whether major repairs have been done, you’d better tell the truth because they will show up in the end.

Include any accessories that do not originally come with the car. If you have owned the car for several months or even years, you are sure to have bought several add-ons to “personalize” your car. See if you can give some of these as a “bonus” to the buyer, especially if the deal has been finalized and that particular accessory only works with this particular model.

Have the necessary papers, like registration, transfer of ownership, and deed of sale ready and on-hand. The last thing you want is a buyer backing out of a deal because it would take a long time to put everything in order.

Only accept cash or a certified check as forms of payment. Be firm in saying no to personal checks. Do not hesitate to inform the buyer of your payment policy since it will clearly weed out the buyers from the cheaters.

Finally, wash the car inside and out, and dry it with a good microfiber cloth to show it at its best. Visit our huge site on used car search engine and other topics, and learn how to get the best deal for a used car.