As much as we like riding motorbikes, it comes with higher risks than driving a car. This calls for more safety measure while on route. A good helmet will do as long as it is well maintained and has a clear view. Quality motorcycle visor cleaner is necessary to achieve the desired cleanliness.

Cleaning a helmet may not be as simple as it looks. For thorough cleaning, the helmet needs to be dismantled and this requires a knowhow and right tools. Poor quality detergent and tools will damage the helmet therefore causing poor vision when riding. When a person is not sure of how to do it, the professionals should be left to clean.

Nowadays, manufacturers of the cleaning products pack them with the cleaning clothes so that the users don’t damage their helmets with non recommended material. They provide you with soft clothes or sponges for the job. Inspect to be sure the sponge will not scratch the helmet and the cleaning chemical is safe for your hands and eyes in case of an accident.

Other items needed for helmet cleaning are brushes and cotton buds. When all the tools and material are ready, get an open space to start the cleaning. It is advisable to do this in the sun so as to facilitate quick drying of the insides. A counter or open table will be best for this cleaning duty.

Wash your hands prior to handling the cleaning job. All the cleaning materials like clothes, sponge and cotton buds should be confirmed to be clean and smooth. This is to avoid scratching the helmet. It is advisable to take a picture of the helmet joints so as to refer when reassembling. This minimizes instances of failure of parts to fit together as before it was disassembled.

As soon as you’re ready with all that is required, it is time to lay on the table the helmet. Remove the parts and screws one by one and lay them in order of removal. The helmet pads and inner lining are removed and soaked in warm water with a visor disinfectant.

A clean non invasive sponge is then used to clean the visor. Your fingers are moved on the surface of the glass to remove any left dirt. Use the brush to access unreachable parts of the shell after which use the soft cloth to shine its surface. After allowing the visor to dry, spray a coat an agent to prevent fogging.

Wait for all the parts to dry fully before starting the reassembly process. Ensure you lubricate the parts with grease to prevent friction and keep rust away. Using the photos taken earlier, confirm piece by piece as you assemble the parts. Tighten all the screws well then apply a thin coat of shine on the helmet surface to make it shiny and new looking. When through, keep the remaining motorcycle visor cleaner in a safe place away from children and direct sunlight. It can be reused many times depending on its quantity and the cleaning needs of every individual helmet.

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