If you own a car and you’d want to extend its life, then you definitely need to know how to properly maintain your vehicle’s transmission. Be a careful driver and take time to check if your car is running smoothly. The moment you notice problems, you definitely need to call the mechanic.

Take a look at this list to keep a check on your automobile’s health:

1. Check the car’s handbook thoroughly Make a copy in the glove compartment. If you’ve lost it, you can actually get the whole guide from the net. Read it and get acquainted with the car’s principal systems, one of which is the transmission. Pay special focus on the actual model and make you have.

2. Heat the engine fluids This can be done by driving the vehicle around for a minimum of 20 mins. Then, park the vehicle on a flat surface and keep the engine working while you open the cover. Ensure that the cover is correctly propped to prevent mishaps. Now, search for the transmission and withdraw the dipstick. The pan is removed before the fluid inside is replaced. The filter should also be changed because dust, grime, and sludge have accumulated in the old one. The technician also does a quick once-over to see if there are problems

3. Examine the transmission fluid Wipe the dipstick thoroughly clean with a cloth and insert it in the reservoir. The transmission fluid must be red. Ensure that the amounts are within range and that the liquid doesn’t give off any unusual scent. If it looks burned or milky, then you already know it’s time to bring the vehicle in for maintenance.

4. Take note of the odometer readings This tells you when the vehicle’s servicing is due. Basically, it’s time to call the mechanic when you’ve driven your car for 24,000 miles.

Take time to care for your car and you can bet that this will serve you longer.

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