Walmart Rewards MasterCard Canada Review

To start it should be noted that despite what some people might claim the Walmart Rewards MasterCard in Canada is not a scam. With that out the way; one thing I will say is the Walmart Rewards MasterCard in Canada has horrible telephone support. Based on my personal review it appears that the Walmart Rewards MasterCard or the walmart Canada bank appears to OUTSOURCE their customer support over the phone. Either that or they hire a lot of people that don’t speak good Canadian english.

This can be annoying if you’re a customer and you get a staff member that hates their job, doesn’t speak english very well or flat out doesn’t care. Several times I’ve called Walmart Rewards MasterCard Canada and received horrible customer service, the support staff in almost every instance except one out of the 9 times I’ve called to date has been rude, unpleasant, impatient and in a rush to get me off the phone. Majority of the times they didn’t seem to understand the nature of my call.

To date to the best of my knowledge Walmart Canada is the second largest retailer in Canada so outsourcing their call center is unnecessary.

How Walmart Rewards MasterCard Canada stacks up to the competition?

CIBC and Royal Bank as of 2015 have excellent rewards programs especially if you use your credit cards frequently. However Walmart runs a very competitive rewards program that currently is matched by no other competitor. Spend $500 or less (if you frequently shop at Walmart) and get $5 rewards points that you can use to spend immediately at Walmart. Most of the other credit card rewards programs require a person to spend at least $1000 before cashing out.

If Walmart keeps their redeem level at $500 spent I’ll be using their card for a very long time. The Walmart Rewards MasterCard Canada is legit I do recommend it for people that are responsible financially and won’t carry a balance every month.

If you carry a balance there’s little to no benefit to a rewards credit card in my opinion, pay as you go is my strategy when it comes to rewards credit cards, because if you get charged with 12 – 19% interest in my opinion the rewards lose a lot of value. Furthermore let me add that carrying a credit card balance to raise your credit score is idiotic.

I don’t carry a balance and presently my credit score is just fine. I hear a lot of so called financial advisors offering that advice, if you get your credit report the most important factor is how many missed payments, how much credit you have opened and how many years you’ve had access to or been using credit.

Walmart Rewards MasterCard and online purchases

Even though you can get Walmart Rewards Mastercard points from online purchases made at Walmart you can’t cash out your Rewards Mastercard points online. In the future I’m hoping Walmart will change this because at Sears for example you can cashout your Sears points when making an online purchase at Sears.

Final thoughts regarding Walmart Rewards MasterCard Canada

Walmart Rewards MasterCard Canada is a good card however I’m not a fan of their phone support that’s the one complaint I have and I’m also hoping in the future I can cash out my walmart rewards points online at

With that said their rewards program is simple and easy to understand plus cashout is currently $5 which is great. It’s the only cashback credit cards with no annual fee, 1% cash back and $5 redemption.

Again I only recommend the Walmart Rewards MasterCard to people who don’t carry a balance otherwise in my opinion you’re losing.