Prisons are social institutions with prison design where the citizens who conduct their behaviors contrary to the provisions of the law are convicted in order to incubate new mode of behaviors that conform to the law, in addition to detaining them, away from the law abiding citizens, as they prompt to transform their way of thinking, attitude and perception towards life.

Without necessary going against the law of the land. In order to achieve this specific objective, a good prison design is required to facilitate it. The latest years have experienced large increase in numbers of prisoners being convicted and hence resulting to numerous constructions of prisons to accommodate the convicted offenders.

This is as a result of the systems adopted by the management of these institutions. Some designs do not conform to the principle objective of the institution or, instead of solving the problems; they complicate the running, control and managing these institutions. This calls for adoption of better, more simple to understand and reflective designs to facilitate and simplify the mode of delivering services in these institutions.

In designing the prison structures we have to look at several issues In order to ensure that the long-term objective of the prison is met at the end of their stay in prison. When designing these institutions the issue of complex systems should be avoided at all cost. The design should result to simplest structures and systems within the prison that can easily be managed as well as its control.

Roles are clearly defined and everyone knows he/ she ought to or ought not to do on daily basis, and therefore quickens the rehabilitation process. Most inmates do come from diverse backgrounds, bearing different cultures and mode of behavior.

A prison should be designed in such a way the convicted, who hails from diverse social and cultural background. They should readily be incorporated within the structural design and easily be allowed to interact freely through speaking their native languages. This will ensure that they share the ideas that are of great importance to their reformation process.

This helps the prisoners to share their past worst experiences and motivate them towards achieving full transformation of their lifestyle. The increase in the number of law offenders received on annual basis by these institutions, calls urgent need for a good design to cater for this increment by accommodating the inmates without necessarily congesting these institutions as well as protecting and promoting their dignity.

This helps in creating a conducive environment for rehabilitation as well as reducing the chances of violating the rights of the prisoners and hence poor service delivery.

When good prison design is adopted, taking into the factors above into consideration, no doubt the modernized types of prisons can be achieved and the rehabilitation process can be more effective and efficient to both the management and the convicted law breakers. This will help to change the general attitude that many people have for a prison from being just a punishment or detention to the offenders to an institution where good characters are adopted.

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