How do I get my website ranked higher on Google

If you want to get higher rankings in Google you need to only to learn two things one is to make sure your blog or website is unique and two you need to market and advertise you blog or website to the right people. Don’t fall for these fake automated solutions that will supposedly increase your Google rankings some of them will work temporarily and most will fail before they even start. Google rewards unique websites that people love to visit it’s just that simple whenever Google changes it’s algorithm it’s usually to cater to unique websites that a lot of people like but are not being ranked in Google.

Search Engine Marketing Fraudsters!

Most of the people that talk about SEO try to complicate the issue so you’ll keep buying things from them. If you want to learn how to rank well in Google all you need to do is visit the “The Google Channel” on Youtube they tell you everything their youtube link is below.

or Matt Cutts Youtube page

If you really want to rank well on Google

If you really want to rank well on Google come with a unique idea that is a reflection of you create a website based on that idea and then get the word out once people start to get you and your concept they will tell their friends and Google will reward you, your website and your ideas because people will be looking for you. It is really that simple don’t fall into the “make money from SEO” trap you’ll work twice as hard and in a few years there is a good chance you will wind up in the same spot you are in now more tired and on the verge of quitting.

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