When you are looking for a real estate lawyer, you will most likely face a big challenge – that is finding one that is proven reputable. The good thing is that there are a number of business law firms you can ask for help; they just have more than enough info that would help you find the best pick. Visiting a business law firm allows you to examine profiles of the best lawyers in your area – those with enough experience in handling business legal matters, including litigation.

But what are specific legal services you can get from a real estate lawyer? I have listed some of those below:

Real estate property purchase and sales. A good real estate lawyer should be able to give you useful insights on all issues surrounding purchase and sale of real estate property, which include subjects like contract negotiations in relation to purchases and sales of land, office buildings, apartment complexes – among other types of property. In addition to that, he should be able to educate you about disclosure requirements, title diligence, title examination, zoning and other regulatory matters, etc.

Litigation. In the world of real estate business, people/business owners have to deal issues that involve resolutions to disputes, which could reach up to the litigation. A good real estate lawyer can help you should you have issues on restructuring financial obligations, secured or unsecured assets recovery, and property acquisition.

Commercial leasing issues — a real estate lawyer can also help you when it comes to commercial leasing transactions; particularly, he can help in drafting real estate and personal property leases, ground leases, equipment leases, retail and industrial leases, and landlord-tenant-broker-related issues and transactions.

Broker and agent commission issues. This is one of the most common scenarios when you get involved into a real estate transaction. A real estate lawyer is able to find dispute resolution for conflicting parties/entities particularly among property owners, brokers, and agents.

There are an array of services you can get from a real estate lawyer – above are just few examples. Find a good lawyer through the help of a business law firm and you will be able to avail services that can benefit your business.

Roy Van Rivero had been working in the legal industry for years before venturing to online writing jobs. He uses his experience in writing about legal topics such as business lawyers. To learn more, visit SMWB, a business law firm in San Jose, CA.