All of us have heard and the majority of us just can’t believe it. How can you get rich by giving and what is this founded on? Is this all based on the idea that “what comes around goes around” or are we just being bamboozled? Is this about taxes and should we check with our tax lawyer here in Las Vegas?

Freelancer jobs in America have grown exponentially in the past decade as more and more individuals are opting to perform their work or offer their services to different companies from the comfort of their own home or office.

So lets analyze this for a little bit. Really what was Bill Gates saying when he told the world that he didn’t need anymore money? What he was actually saying was that money didn’t control him. Just like that, he empowered himself and so have hundreds of thousands of millionaires. You are in control of money and you choose what you want to do with it. This is the most important thing to learn in personal finance and it can best be done by donating.

In a company or organization, it is most often the case that the employer will withhold a certain percentage from each paycheck so that a person can fill out a W2 tax form during the tax season and pay their taxes from those withheld funds, but for freelancer this is not the case.

When you are able to let go of your money and realize that it is a tool that you have and not something that the world revolves around, then you have an empowered mindset that allows you to create sustainability in every aspect of your life.

Sales Tax – You can only select either income tax or sales tax as a deduction, so take a look at which one is a better choice for you. Income tax typically yields a greater return, but if your state does not deduct income tax, you want to make sure you opt to deduct sales tax.

One of the benefits is the fact that you receive tax deductions but that is far less important when compared to the change in mindset that you receive.

One of the main benefits of being an independent contractor, or freelance worker, is that you can deduct many things from your taxes as business related expenses. One of the major deductions that freelance workers can deduct from their taxes is their own health insurance costs as well as the health insurance costs of your spouse and your dependents.

This principle works whether you believe in the bible or not. Ultimately it changes who you are and how you treat money, which is the major cause of financial problems. If you still run into financial distress with taxes though, make sure that you call your local Las Vegas Tax Lawyer.

Tax Crisis Institute provides what you need to resolve any collection problems you have with the Internal Revenue Service or any other taxing authority. We can stop them from placing a tax levy on your wages, bank accounts, pensions, and savings. We can prevent them from seizing your house or business. We will give you tax debt help just as we have for thousands of others. We will work hard to protect you!