Most people only think of legal representation in a court of law when the thought of a lawyer comes to mind. Legal representation is one of the many services that attorneys offer. There are a number of other services that these professionals offer away from the courtroom. To better understand divorce lawyers Stafford VA people should look at the following information.

Among the services one can expect from a lawyer in this city does is that of swearing affidavits. Affidavits are legal documents which have to be drafted by a lawyer and sworn in his or her presence. An affidavit not drafted by a licensed lawyer, it is invalid. Affidavits are sworn for a number of different reasons. Sometimes divorcing couples, especially the woman, may need this document as proof that she was married to a certain man and that she is entitled to a certain amount of his wealth.

Family solicitors in this town can furthermore offer recommendations pertaining to child custody and progeny visitation. The issue of custody and visitation is usually very emotive. A family solicitor is the best person to confer for recommendations on this issue. There has to be a conclusion on who ends up dwelling with the children and who will have to be visiting them and what time.

Attorneys can also offer arbitration services to individuals who choose to settle their differences out of court. This is especially common in divorce cases. The lawyer in this case plays the role of arbitrator facilitating dialogue between the two parties at war, until they come to an agreement. There is clearly more to being a lawyer than representing clients in court.

An attorney in this city offer mediation or arbitration services to his or her clients. In the event that the two conflicting parties choose to settle their dispute out of court, they will need an attorney to act as a mediator. This is common practice especially in separation cases. A lot of people opt to settle their cases outside the court because the exercise can be very expensive.

For one reason or the other, an individual may need to pledge an affidavit. For demonstration if the titles seeming on his or her identification articles are different from those in learned transcripts, he or she desires to sear an affidavit to that effect. Only a permitted attorney can aid with pledging in of affidavits.

A separation attorney is also the only person legally allowed to file a petition for divorce on behalf of his or her client in a court of law. This is perhaps the most important role that a separation attorney plays. He or she also acts as the legal representative of the divorcee.

In situations where a couple chooses arbitration over a court process for their separation, the attorney plays the role of arbitrator facilitating talks between the two parties until they come to an agreement. Nobody wishes to get divorced. If it does happen however, it would help to get a good separation attorney. To gather more details on divorce lawyers Stafford VA couples should check the web.

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