To understand the vital role played by court stenographers Mississippi judges give a good idea. Most of them will simply not proceed with a case unless there is one of these professionals in attendance. There is good reason for this. In this modern world it is vital to have an accurate record of everything that was said and done during important proceedings. In this way confusion and misunderstandings can be avoided.

People operating in this field use different methods to create accurate transcriptions of proceedings. One of the most widely used is the stenotype machine that resembles a typewriter. This is a type of short hand machine that can quickly and accurately record phrases and even sentences. The operator manually enters combinations of key strokes to create the transcription. The operator later use advanced software to translate the short hand codes into text.

More and more professionals are using electronic recording as their preferred method. In this case the operator simply sets up sophisticated recording equipment that is capable of recording even the slightest sounds. While tending the equipment, the operator is also busy making notes that identify the various speakers and that record non verbal gestures and noises. The disadvantage of this method is that it takes long to produce the final transcription.

Voice writing has appeared on the scene quite recently. This technique requires the operator to wear a special mask that is equipped with a microphone. The operator then repeats everything that is said during the proceedings into the mask. This requires a very high level of skill because it is also necessary to comment on gestures at the same time. The resultant recording is turned into a full transcription with the use of highly advanced voice recognition software.

Transcription specialists most certainly do not only find work in the court rooms. They are in demand whenever important proceedings take place. They are employed by lawyers when depositions are taken down, by businesses that wish accurate records of important meetings and conferences and even by the government when negotiations and important talks take place. They are even employed to record landmark speeches.

In order to be successful in this profession it is necessary to be able to concentrate for long periods. A tendency towards perfectionism is also desirable. It is important to be very well organized and to be able to maintain an accurate set of records. Many reporters spend a lot of time in maintaining their software and their electronic dictionaries.

Professional transcribes can expect to earn good money, most certainly above average. Those that are experienced and that enjoy a good reputation for accuracy and reliability are always in high demand. However, training is tough and most schools offering courses have strict admittance rules. Students have to pass both theoretical and practical tests before they qualify. Transcription speeds of at least 250 words per minute are also required.

When in search of true professional and reputable court stenographers Mississippi is definitely one of the best places to go. There is no doubt that these professionals play a vital role in any official or important proceeding. The fact that they can produce accurate transcriptions contributes toward good governance and clear understanding.

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