Deciding to get divorced is never an easy process and therefore it is imperative that one gets expert advice. By hiring a divorce lawyer Houston TX residents will ensure that one has someone that is experienced and understands all the requirements of the various steps. Basically, having a person that is there to support and protect the client is a must have.

Unfortunately, often times these legal battles can and do turn ugly; this is where expert advice will ensure that one does not end up being left with long-term suffering. This is especially true in cases where children are involved. When this does happen, more often than not disputes will rage over custody of the child or children.

There are numerous questions that many individuals normally ask when starting a process of this nature. Firstly, individuals usually enquire as to what time frame is involved before the case is able to be finalized. This tends to be around 2 months from date of filling, but of course depends on certain factors.

If the spouses are not able to reach an agreement amicably, then the case will revert to trial. Then time periods will increase, as it will be dependant on the available court date. In the State of Texas this trial date can be set anything from six to twelve months from original petition date; and up until the final decree, parties are still legally married according to law.

One may file a petition if they have resided in a specific county for a minimum of 90 days, but must have lived in the State of Texas for a minimum of 6 months. Division of property falls into two categories; namely community and separate property. Separate property normally includes property that was owned by the individual prior to the marriage as well as any inheritance, gifts or personal injury recoveries; every thing else will fall under the list of community property.

The split ratio is determined by certain factors. Texas does not need proof of fault to grant divorces, but it does influence how property is awarded, including custody issues. This is where is starts getting complicated and lawyers are needed, in order to retain your sanity and not only.

Usually, one parent is awarded primary Joint Managing Conservator and the other is given “Standard Possession Order” visitation. These orders are normally dealt with in great detail and will always take what is considered in the child’s best interest into the decision making. If children are 12 years or older then they will have a say in which parent they would like to reside with.

Due to all the legalities that occur in such instances, one can not afford to not use the best Divorce lawyer Houston TX has to offer. Making sure that each step is done correctly from the start will save one from a lot of undue stress. Divorcing one’s spouse is never the perfect answer, but it is a reality in this day and age, thus one can also consult these lawyers prior to making any final decision.

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