People nowadays drive car regularly either for going to work or for doing errands. As a result, they keep buying tires from time to time. Nowadays people have a lot of idea about the major brands found in the market.

Most of the tires are made with innovative modern technology. Each company is popular for their own best features. One of the most popular tires manufactures operating is Continental Tire.

Continental AG, known as Conti for short, was founded in 1871, in Hanover, Germany, as the rubber manufacturer, Continental Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie.

Continental AG is a world-class producer of automotive parts for cars, trucks, and bicycles. Of the six divisions, two divisions, the passenger car & Light Truck Tires, and Commercial Vehicle tires, produce tries for trucks, cars, and other vehicles. Continental AG is now the fourth largest tire manufacturer after Bridgestone, GoodYear and Michelin.

A wide variety of van tires are also manufactured by the company.

Vans are best known for their short distance transport from people to goods. Tires should be robust and last for a longer time. The Vanco 2, is an upgrade from the Vanco tire. These tires are widely used in Europe. This quality tire sets new benchmarks for efficiency and performance of van tires. These tires are blessed with an advanced tread compound that offers better handling and longer tread life. These tires have circumferential groves for excellent handling and are ideal for wet conditions. The tread design makes it perfect for all kinds of roads.

Continental has a van tire for winter conditions. The VancoWinter 2 tire is specially designed for the severe winter conditions. It meets the requirements for the snowflake marking provides by the RMA testing standards.

Continental also has an excellent all season van tire. The VancoFourSeason tire is designed in a special way so that it can improve resistance against hydroplaning . One of the main features of the tire is to protect the sidewalls. The design also helps in lowering noise and offers comfort.

Continental has the van tire that meets or exceeds all major standards for industrial tires. These line of tires offers great performance even when used on a daily basis. Continental offers tires to meet every need that most van drivers will encounter. Both all weather and winter tires are available. Continental has designed these tires are to keep you safe in all driving conditions. When you come across a continental tire rebate don?t let it go.

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