If you are a parent or another interested part faced with a juvenile dependency lawsuit, you should seek the services of a primed juvenile dependency lawyer Los Angeles office to help you in defending yourself of the accusations of mistreating, neglecting, or abusing your child. This will enable you retain the custody of your child.

You have to act very fast so that you deal with the case before it gets out of hand. When such claims have been made against you, the social workers place a petition in court to have your child become a dependent of court. Cases involving the custody of children can take many years, and going through the court process is very complex and stressing.

The judge may order the child to reside in a temporary home, where close supervision is done by the court. Alternatively, the judge may order that you retain the custody of your child but close supervision is done by court to ensure that nothing happens that infringes the rights of that child. During the court hearing, it will be decided who supervises your child, the caregiver, the custodian, and a case plan that ensures the child, is protected.

Besides, the court might also appoint an attorney to handle the interest of such a child. This will see that the interests of the kid are protected in the court process. If already the juvenile has been removed from your care, the court takes the responsibility to determine, in the initial hearing, if you will have the kid back or not until further hearings are scheduled.

There are many cases where children have been taken out of their parents unfairly. When this occurs, it is very tragic for both the child and the parents. Children need to have parental love and care, and when it is denied because of unfounded allegations, it can be very hurting to the life of a child.

Such parents are in constant fear and dismay of what might be happening to their children who have taken away from their custody. You can prevent such situations from happening by consulting a reputable attorney. The attorney examines your case and determines the best approach and strategy to apply.

It may happen that a disgruntled neighbor, a vindictive ex-spouse, or some other persons have given false information to the child protection organization or social workers. This means that your case could still be pursued on such grounds. With a competent attorney, you will ensure that you are not separated from your child.

It is essential that parents or the caretakers of such a child seek the help of very competent legal counsel and representations. When you consult a primed juvenile dependency lawyer Los Angeles office experienced in handling cases related to juvenile custody, you are able to get help. You can probably prevent the child from being taken away from you.

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