The rights to a lawyer is granted to everyone such as an Indiana DUI lawyer, yet an important question is are they helpful to your case or if they can only add to expense. Experience is a good advantage especially those who are frequently caught for driving with influence. They have a lot of experience in navigating through those complex proceedings have and wide knowledge on the details of plea bargaining and the court systems.

However, if this is the first time you have been caught drunk driving and there were no additional charges or aggravating circumstances, you can choose to proceed without an attorney. Aggravating circumstances include such as reckless driving or DUI with a minor in the vehicle or have a high blood alcohol content or BAC. If this is your first time, you may choose to simply plead guilty.

It may also be a wise choice if they have a solid evidence against you, such as having high BAC or if the officer in charge testifies that you drove erratically. However, you should also know and understand the fines and penalties of DWI in your state before pleading guilty as to have an informed decision about it. Still, an attorney can give a good advice that may affect the degree of your sentence even.

First time offenders with no aggravating circumstances are usually given a routine sentence by the judge and it usually does not vary among similar cases. If you want a lesser charge, however, like reducing your DUI to a reckless driving can be done though plea bargaining. In some states, they offer sentence bargaining.

This might be very useful if a guilty plea becomes a longer process. If this is not your first time or if you are a repeat offender, then you will most likely need the assistance of an attorney. There are some of them that offer credit payment plans or discounts if you are concerned about the costs.

Find someone who specializes in this field so that you will be assured that they know very well what they are doing. If you want to find a lawyer suitable for you, then here are a few tips when shopping around for one. You should find one that is from your area or state because they are more likely familiar with some specifics in state laws and may know some of those in the court.

They should know all the changes and current issues in this field. The laws concerning drunk driving changes frequently, sometimes yearly. If they do not know the current ones, you might be at a disadvantage. This is also important factor for those handling a case of a repeat offender.

Still, no two cases are the same even if they won the past cases it does not mean your case will win in a trial too. Experience will become a very important factor fr some of these cases since they will be better at handling them. Schedule an initial consultation with them, which are often free of charge and may help you if this person is right for you.

Do not be shy to ask the up front or total cost of being represented and ask if it might increase depending on what circumstances. You should also ask if they have other options for payments. Before you make any final decisions, it would be advisable to meet some Indiana DUI lawyer first.

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