It is truly sad to see just how many marriages break down, causing suffering and hardship for all concerned. Unfortunately, there is no indication that this sad trend will be reversed and divorce courts are as busy as ever. The process can be expensive, however, especially if the break up is not amicable. One of the best solutions is to make use of Long Island divorce mediation services.

A large percentage of people dissolving their marriages do not know that they have the option to use a mediator rather than a lawyer. The services of lawyers can be extremely high, even more so because each party normally hires his or her own lawyer. The lawyers are often not concerned with quick and amicable settlement but rather in trying to obtain the best possible deal for his client.

One of the biggest stumble blocks on the road towards an amicable settlement is agreement on financial matters. Couples have numerous important decisions to make. Among others, they have to decide upon the division of their assets. They also need to agree on how their debt will be handled, how their joint accounts will be managed and numerous other issues that can make an agreement very difficult.

When there are children involved, their interests are paramount to the interest of any other party. Decisions must be made that will be in the best interest of the children, not because they are convenient. Matters such as custody and child support need to be decided upon. Provision must also be made for the future education of the children. Where possible, the opinions and wishes of the child will also be taken into consideration.

With the help of a mediator it is often possible to finalize an agreement in a relatively short time. This is only the case if both parties are mature and dedicated to an amicable separation. If the parties involved cannot reach agreement or if there are serious communication problems, the process can take much longer. The role of the mediator is not to dictate terms, but rather to facilitate the process.

There are numerous advantages in using a mediator rather than lawyers. One of the biggest benefits is the cost factors. The fees charged by mediators are substantially less that those demanded by attorneys. There is also the matter of confidentiality. An agreement reached with the aid of a mediator remains confidential while cases argued by lawyers in open court are accessible to everybody.

Mediators have many critics. Some argue that they seldom have any formal legal training and that they are not qualified to manage matters as complicated as dissolving a marriage. They also argue that mediators may, even inadvertently, cause one of the parties to suffer losses because the party concerned was not fully informed about his or her legal rights. Many critics also say that mediators often pressurize couples to reach fast agreements.

Long Island divorce mediation services are excellent for couples that want to dissolve their marriages in an amicable, civilized manner with the minimum fuss and conflict. Judges will turn the agreement into a court order and the proceedings are simple and straight forward. It cost less and it is a better way to part ways from each other.

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