Powder coating Statesville NC is a method to apply protective and decorative finish to metallic materials. It is used by those in the manufacturing industry and also by the consumers at home. When applied, the powder is dry and free flowing, which sticks to the item and then sent directly to the oven to be heated or cured to create a layer of coat.

This method is very different compared to conventional finishing process that uses the liquid form since it uses no solvent for binder and filler and it is suspended in liquid form. Using electrostatics when spraying on the material, the particles stick to surface like a magnet, which then coats it. The product used for spraying is made up of polymer resins which are a mixture of leveling agents, flow modifiers, additives, pigments and curatives that are finely mixed in to fine and uniform powder.

This type of application has a lot of benefits not only for the consumer and the manufacturer, but also for the environment. It produces a thicker coating than that of liquid types thus reducing any effect of sagging or running. The effect is it is more uniform, thicker and more beautiful finishing. This technique also make sure that the parts, even if the shape is complex, is completely covered.

These are also resistant to rust, corrosion, abrasion, and most chemical and solvents. It is also resistant scratching, peeling, cracking and does not fade from sunlight. It can be applied to a variety of materials, such as steel, zinc, brass and aluminum and even has good electrical insulation capabilities.

Aside from being applied to many types of metal, they have many textures, finishes and colors to choose from. There are many specialty effects that this method can accomplish easily, which may seem impossible to attain with the other process. The textures could be in matte, wrinkle, smooth or rough finish. If you aim to hide imperfections with this, you should use rougher textures.

It has a variety of finishes like flat, satin, metallic, fluorescent, iridescent, glossy, candies, glitter, hammer tone and many more. It has excellent gloss and color retention, which makes it stay bright and vibrant for a long time. Another benefit is that this method is very environment friendly.

This also emits zero or almost zero volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are very dangerous to the health of humans and the environment. This is because they do not use any solvents in the application, which is why there is no VOCs released in the atmosphere. This is very advantageous to the manufacturer since this mean that they will not need to pool money to buy equipment to control the pollution.

There is lesser waste materials made because the powder is very recyclable and they use an extraction system to extract excess materials that will be recycled. This application can also reduce health concerns and risks of operators and the powder washes off easily. It is also cost effective to many manufacturing industries since the number of rejected products is lesser since they are more resistant to damage.

The space required for the equipment is also lesser, they are easier to apply then the wet types and the operator does not need to have a long training. The capital expenditure needed is also lower than a liquid application. Powder coating Statesville NC has many benefits to consumers, manufacturers, and the environment.

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