Dealing with the separation is a heart breaking incident. But battling over the ex partner on who between the two of you is worthy enough to keep the child, well that is the biggest challenge. Not because you have to list down all the flaws of the ex partner through the aid of the custody lawyer Albany Oregon. But because you have to show to the child that he or she is in good hands when you received your right of guardianship.

The first thing that you should always consider is to take the very first action. This is needed so that the court can immediately respond to your pleas and all. Most especially if the child is your angel and you can not live a day without him. You can deal with the loss of a spouse, but it is the loss of the child that you can not bear.

The court will ponder on things on who between the two parties is going to give a brighter future to the kids. So you have to ensure that you have given them the support that they are needing. Do not give them cash or write them checks. Just give them the things that they are needing especially when it comes to emotional support.

No matter how annoyed you are with the former partner, never should you argue with him. Not in a million years, or he might use this against you. You have to play the cards like a professional. Also, this might only make things worse and might only scare your children off.

There will be times where you will be involved with a fight that is started by the former spouse. When that happens, do not yell at him or her. Do not give him the satisfaction of letting him see how aggravated your emotions are at him. Rather, just call the contact number of the police and let the officials deal with the ex lover.

Providing them the emotional support is very important. You need to call them or sometimes see them without spilling a bean to the former partner. You need to keep track on them especially when you do not see them everyday. This will be a great help especially for them.

It will also help if you make the most of your time whenever it is your day or time of visit to the kid. You got to play with them and to hug them so that they will know that they still have their parents despite of the ordeals. Inform the other guardian if you can not make visit too.

Never should you dress like some kind of a slob with ripped jeans and shabby clothes. Word it is, dress to impress. So you need to dress professionally. Most importantly when you will attend hearings. You need to make sure that your persona is not going to be belittled again.

No matter how busy you are, you have to attend to every court dates with custody lawyer Albany Oregon. Missing one could lead you to have a warrant of arrest. Which will not only taint your clean record. But will also make it too impossible for you to retain the guardianship over the angel that you are fighting rights with.

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