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[email protected] Scam!

If you got an email that said the following:

How are you doing sweetie!
My name is Yulenka.
But my buddies and close people are used to call me Yulenka.
I am a young cute, lively, open, lively and independent girl and clubbable.
And it would be really exciting for me to get acquainted to you!
I ‘m a relation-free woman, that is why I made up my mind to write to you.
If you are dreaming to find a woman and you consider finding out more about each other, I will be pleased to see a letter from you with your photographs enclosed!
I have no practice in finding my guy through Internet that is why I have no idea what else can one write to a man.
I ‘m a decent girl and can be doubtful sometimes!
I dare hope you understand those emotions and will not be rough to me and my message.
All I require is to know you better!
Have the best time in your life!
See you!
All yours, Yulenka!!

Yes this spam is a scam and hoax do not sign up! if you’re looking for something legitimate go to the A Foreign affair¬†website