Getting arrested must be one of the most stressful experiences any person can ever undergo. It is not only career criminals and violent people that are arrested. In fact, many thousands of people are arrested each year for a very wide variety of reasons and in many cases the community simply cannot believe that the person concerned can be involved with a crime. By getting a criminal defense attorney Fairfield CA citizens can make sure that the matter is managed speedily.

It is the right of every accused to make use of his constitutional right to refrain from making a statement or by answering questions from the law enforcement authorities. It is best to first consult with a lawyer and to follow the advice received. Any accused has the right to consult with a lawyer. Many accused are under duress and then say or do something that can be harmful to their case.

The first order of business after being arrested is to apply for bail. Experienced lawyers can often manage this in a matter of hours and once bail has been posted the defendant can be released. The lawyer can even arrange for a bail bondsman to pay the bail if the defendant does not have the cash available. In some cases it is even possible to be released without having to pay bail.

It is vital to understand that a conviction for a criminal offence can be extremely serious. It can ruin careers and marriages, not to mention the fact that there is a possibility of spending time in jail. No criminal offence is seen as minor, especially not when an arrest is actually made. It is a big mistake to think that some offences, such as DUI, for example, are minor.

Experienced lawyers do everything they can to expedite a case. The longer that matter drags on the more expensive the legal cost will be. If the accused are cooperating with the authorities and if he shows himself willing to admit his mistake and undertake to make amends, then it is often possible to reach an agreement with the prosecutor without the matter even going to open court.

Lying to a lawyer is probably the most foolish thing an accused can do. Lies can make it difficult, even impossible for the lawyer to prepare a proper defense. It is best to make sure that the lawyer has all the facts, regardless of how embarrassing or incriminating they may be. If this is not done the lawyer may recuse himself from the case.

Unfortunately, legal representation can be extremely expensive, especially if the matter is complex and requires more than one court appearance. This cost can quickly escalate if specialist witnesses are required. It is possible, however, to plan for eventualities where legal representation may become necessary. Many insurance companies offer policies that will cover the cost of legal fees and it may be worthwhile to purchase such insurance.

By appearing in court of even by facing a charge without the assistance of a criminal defense attorney Fairfield CA defendants place themselves in serious jeopardy. The complexity of the legal system is such that laymen are simply not able to represent themselves. It is better to have a lawyer, almost at any cost.

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