When you take your car to your Conifer automotive repair shop you are placing it in qualified hands. Your technician can perform maintenance that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. However, one can perform simple maintenance that saves you money and problems.

Each week, check the engine oil. This is so easy that almost anyone can do it, yet, it is commonly neglected. Be sure the car is parked on the level and has set for at least five minutes. This allows all of your oil to drain down into the oil pan. That will give you the most accurate reading.

Take out your oil dipstick and clean it off. Put the dipstick back into the holder and then remove it. Holding the stick level, look at the marks on it to determine how much oil is in the motor. If you notice that the engine is low by half a quart or more, add more oil. Make sure you use only oil that the manufacturer recommends.

After you check the engine oil, look at the radiator level, hoses, and belts. There should not be any leaks or signs of cracking. Use a tire gauge and check all tires including the spare. When you add air, never add more than the amount printed on the tire sidewall.

Checking tire pressure is a good way to save on fuel as it can increase fuel economy. Look at the tires and check for uneven wear patterns. This could indicate trouble with the front end alignment. Look for anything out of the ordinary like bumps or lumps also.

Regular maintenance is one of the best investments that one can make. When it is time to perform engine maintenance like oil changes and tune ups, your Conifer automotive repair shop can do this for you. This way, you can sit and wait in comfort, while trained professionals take care of your car.

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