Is a Scam?

A few years ago on one of the other blogs I posted on I talked about the shadiness of the online dating industry and what some dating sites will do just to increase their membership base and also what happens to these sites when they trick men into signing up with them. First of all the reason I write these blog posts is because there are too many fake review sites on the internet encouraging people to sign up for businesses that don’t have the best business practices. Starting an online dating site is not easy and in this post I’m going to explain to you what other dating sites have done and also what I think might be doing.

Women flirting with you at zoosk before you post your picture?

Women beautiful women were sending me flirts at zoosk before I even submitted a picture for my profile. Now as much as I’d like to tell myself that I’m a stud and every girl wants me I have to be realistic here. So what I did on the website is I started to flirt with every pretty women I saw low and behold I started getting multiple flirts back, now remember I do not have a picture up for my profile and my profile is incomplete. Now I’m not saying that is using deceitful tactics to get me to sign up but to me this really seemed strange.

Another thing I noticed is that every time I sent a flirt I got a message from asking me to sign up. On top of this when I read up on some of the complaints coming from what I noticed is that a number of people we’re having trouble canceling their accounts. Now I’m not saying that is a scam but when you see things like this first hand it makes you wonder. A few years ago there were a number of dating websites that would pay women to flirt with free male members. As a matter a fact no one even knew if these ‘paid flirters’ were male or female it’s just when this operation was exposed, it was the females of that site that came forward.

Final Thoughts on

The thing I like about is how easy it is to use their dating system, they have one of the most easy to use dating websites on the web on the downside some of their members seem quite suspect to me. had a T.V commercial of theirs banned from U.K television and I wonder sometimes if they’re just trying to recover losses. Because I haven’t used their paid service I cannot call them a scam but what I will say is their members based on my free member experience seem quite suspect.

So make sure that if you decide to sign that you do so after you’ve read their terms of service which basically tells you what you’ll be getting yourself into. If you want my picks for the top dating sites online for men click the link below.

Best Online Dating Sites For men

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