California is one of the many states that are considered to be open. With this, residents if the state has the freedom to access their personal documents whenever they have a need for it. One of the documents that have been opened to the public is the divorce records in California.

Divorce is usually the end result of a marriage that is falling apart. This event has to be documented to make it legal so that it can be used for legal transactions. One f the uses of a divorce certificate are when dealing with government requests. Requests that involve the couple’s finances like insurance related matters and the management of the couple’s assets would call for a copy of such document. Divorce record is very important in such cases since if it is not presented any request may be denied or delayed. The legal separation papers of the couple is also needed should the divorcee plan to remarry. It has to be presented during the marriage application to be granted permission to remarry, otherwise, the divorcee cannot proceed with marriage.

Just like any other divorce records in the country, California divorce certificate would contain the details about the couple’s separation. One would know when and where the separation was legalized. The document is not complete without the complete names of the couple and some personal details as well as information on their marriage. However, a public document only has the basic information. Details such as the reason for the separation are kept private along with the division of properties and assets of the couple and the child custody.

It is very important that the basic details of the record that is being obtained is known to make the search easier. A request form has to be filled out with the necessary information such as the date and place where the divorce was granted. The personal details of the requesting individual have to be included on the search as well. One should know that only the divorcees and their immediate family are allowed to request for a copy of the separation documents.

Requesting for a copy of a divorce record in California is not possible at the office of the Vital Records Section, unlike other states. Divorce certificates need to be requested at the county where it was originally registered. The Vital Records Section of California can still help you out by verifying the information about where the document can be obtained. It cost $13 for the verification of information at the state office. Retrieval fees may vary depending on the county where it was requested. Sending a mail request is also possible but it can take a while before the result of the search can be obtained.

To hasten the search process, one can request for the document online. This is way faster and hassle free since there is no need to go to any office just to file the request. Some websites even lets the users search for a copy of a divorce records free of any fees.

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